September 15, 2014

A Perfect First Date: from Paris to San Diego

Allow me a silly day dream for a moment…
The most handsome man at the party has just approached you and told you how beautiful you look this evening.
He brings you a drink and you talk the entire evening.  His eyes never wander and he never checks his iPhone for a text from another woman.
I said I was dreaming right.
Well, you finally work up the nerve to say that you must get up early in the morning to take your 8 year old niece out for a girl day complete with shopping, mani-pedis and lunch.
He offers to walk you to your car and you exchange contact info. He says he will call you tomorrow evening.
Yeah, right, we’ve all heard that one before.
As you pull off in your gun-metal with black leather interior Aston Martin, you remember his perfect teeth when he smiles.  You’re also super glad that you exfoliated with the sugar scrub and moisturizer with the super crime that you purchased while in Paris last month.
He mentioned how soft your hands were…
After a full day of American Girl dolls, Claire’s Jewelry, Justice for Girls and Abercrombie for Kids, you just want to have some peace and quiet.
Just after taking a relaxing shower and while admiring your new purple glitter toe nails, you hear the phone ring.
Mom, telemarketer or gorgeous guy?
You go with Mom. “Hey, Mom” you answer.
The voice on the other end is definitely not you mom!
You laugh about the day and make arrangements for a date on Friday night.
He gives you 2 hints: Paris and Sand and it will take 12 hours. From Noon to midnight, if you can hang.  And it involves a luxurious limo ride!
Wedding Limo in Paris
Now this is going to be fun.
He picks you up at 11:55 am. He couldn’t wait a minute longer, he said.
Off to the airport…for Las Vegas in his private jet. We are going to see a show at the MGM Grand.
Lunch first. This man read my mind! The best crab cakes, I have ever tasted! And a spicy gumbo that reminded me of home.
Then we split a dessert of berries and chocolate. Off to the show.
It is the newest Circ deSoleil show with music by Patty Labelle, Parliament Funkadelic and Michael Jackson. Eclectic and fun.
The show was incredible and we were right in the front.  We could smell the performers hairspray as they flew by.
Back to the airport for a short flight back to San Diego.
We were talking and laughing and he reached over to help me with my seat belt.
And then he kissed me.  His lips were hot and soft and sweet.
Something jumped in the pit of my stomach and I was speechless.  My head was swimming and I was dizzy.  Boy was I glad I was already sitting down.
I could have just stopped right there and it would have been a perfect first date.
But we had dinner reservations at the best restaurant in La Jolla overlooking the beach.
We swung by his place to change and relax for a bit before going.  He showed me his paintings and played his guitar for me.
And no Tvs, just a stereo system, easels and paints and guitars.
I don’t even remember dinner. I’m already under his spell.